Nate Eastman is an assistant professor of English and in his fifth year at Earlham.  He has served on Athletics, CPC, and on CPC subcommittees on assessment and curricular visioning.  He has been an Earlham delegate to the Higher Learning Commission, the Great Lakes College Association, and at national seminars on the future of Liberal Arts education.

Bill Culverhouse, assistant professor of Music and serves as convener of the Music Department.  Bill has served on the Events Committee, the Admissions and Financial Aid Advisory Committee, participated in the summer Curricular Visioning Subcommittee on Internationalism in the Earlham Curriculum and is currently serving as convener of the Middle East Studies advisory group.

Jay Roberts is an Associate Professor of Education and Environmental Studies and the Director of the Center for Environmental Action. This is his thirteenth year at Earlham.

Cheri Jetmore is a lifelong resident of Richmond and Chair of the Community Partnership Council.  She has two children both of whom attended Earlham: Anna Jetmore ’99 and Thomas Jetmore 2003-2005/High-Ability High School Program.

Tom Hamm is professor of history, college archivist, and curator of the Friends Collection. A past clerk of the faculty, he currently serves on Faculty Affairs Committee. He has taught at Earlham since 1987.

Neal Baker is Acting Director of the Library through June 2012. He also teaches film courses and is currently a member of the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Kumar Jensen is a senior Environmental Studies Major, member of the Environmental Responsibility Committee, Earlham Student Senate, Earlham Environmental Action Coalition and is a Bonner Scholar. Kumar has convened the men’s Frisbee club and the Richmond Interpreters and Translators Association.

Terry Shipley is the administrative assistant for the Chemistry Department at Earlham College and serves as a member of the Budget Committee.

Wendy Tori is a professor in the biology department.  She specializes in bird ecology, genetics & behavior and she teaches classes for the Biology and Environmental Science majors.  She leads field courses (e.g., Galapagos, Peru May term) and natural history expeditions (e.g., Sandhill crane expedition) and serves as a Faculty Athletics Representative and a member of the Joseph Moore Museum Committee.

Bonita Washington-Lacey is an Associate Dean of the College and Registrar.  She is a member of the Curricular Policy Committee, Committee on Academic Programs, Academic Advisory Committee,  AAAS Committee, African American Alumni Advisory Board – and a range of sub-committees involved with curricular planning.  She is a graduate of Earlham and the Earlham School of Religion and is a supporter of student engagement within and beyond the classroom.

Ghina Sadek is a third year PAGS major and has served as NSO co-convener and as the Homecoming Committee convener.  She has also been part of the Student Senate, the SRC, and the A&FAAC. She currently works at the Admissions Office.

Nelson Bingham is Provost and Professor of Psychology, having come to Earlham in 1974.  He teaches a course in developmental psychology and cross-cultural psychology and participates in interdisciplinary programs in Human Development & Social Relations and Japanese Studies.
Ray Ontko, EC ’84, is a member of the Board of Trustees. He has also served Earlham as a member of the administrative faculty (computer services) and as member of the teaching faculty (computer science). Ray is President of Doxpop, LLC, a web-based information service, located in Richmond, Indiana. He is an active member of First Friends, Richmond.

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